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Sympathy & Funerals

We understand that at this difficult time, you need to find the perfect, floral funeral tribute with ease. That’s why we offer a range of choices from lettering to wreaths and bespoke designs. You can choose specific colour schemes and blooms if you like for your funeral arrangements, or you can leave it to us.

Individual letters from £30 | Funeral posies from £30 | Wreaths from £40 | Cushions from £60


We’ve got a whole bunch of things to offer. As a social enterprise we’re passionate about helping the community to thrive and grow while also creating floral arrangements that are suitable for any occasion.

Please chat to us in the shop or get in touch for bespoke quotations tailored to your specific requirements. This can be arranged in a way that makes you most comfortable, whether that’s in person, over the phone or over a slice of cake at The Fork in the Road. 

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